Monday, August 20, 2012

N is for NO TIME

For the letter "N", I really wanted to take the time to write a tribute to a wonderful lady, my Nanna.  However sometimes work and life get in the way of blogging and family tree research :(

So N is for NO TIME at the moment.

At some point before we get to "Z", I will replace this with a story about my Nanna. I want to do it justice so wont rush it.  But to give you a glimpse.............

"The shortest road is the long road
When sorrow marks the miles
But the longest road is the shortest road
When laughter beguiles"
My grandmother wrote this in autograph books.  Since I have been doing research, I have come to the conclusion that Nanna lived by this saying and probably recited it during some tough times in her younger years.  I now know that she had a pretty tough life until she was "rescued" by my grandfather.  

My Grandparents when they were courting
I'll tell you more another time...............

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  1. Now that's a great teaser! I hope you have time sooner rather than later to share this story.

  2. Looking forward to the post on your nanna, and I love the photo of your grandparents - it's beautiful. Don't feel you need to keep up with the Alphabet posts, I still haven't finished my own 'N' post, let alone started my O one. Oh well ... I'll get there sometime.

  3. I'm glad he rescued her and look forward to the rest of the story.

  4. really looking forward to hearing about your much loved nanna Sharon.

  5. Thanks for dropping by. I also hope that I have time to get to the story about my nanna but it won't be until next month.