Sunday, February 8, 2015

Thank you Gran!

I regularly send a silent "Thank you" to my grandmother, Eva Scott (nee Pilgrim), who died in 2006.

I have many reasons to thank my grandmother,but this weekend she received a lot of praise and thanks for her foresight and thoroughness.  

As an example, the photo below is a cute photo of my uncle, taken by my grandmother;
Rob Scott
December 1942
But when you turn it over, she has told me so much more! 

Gran labelled all of her photos, but not just with the names, dates and places; she often told a story too!

My Grandmother had spent hours labelling photos, putting them in albums and making little notes.  I feel great pride and gratitude at my grandmother's efforts but also some sadness.  I would have loved to go through these albums and enjoy the history with my grandmother, but I had no idea of their existence until after she died.

Many of the albums and tags were starting to fall out as the adhesive was no longer sticking.  Therefore I suggested to my Aunt (the caretaker of the albums) that the photos should be transferred to acid free archival folders for long term storage (and so the text on the back can be easily read).

The adhesive backing was no longer sticking and photos and tags were beginning to fall out of the albums so all the photos have been  transferred into acid free archival albums.

The older albums will remain unchanged.

I have previously scanned many of the photos. However as my research and knowledge of family history has improved, I realise that I have missed important clues, so it is time to go back through the albums to ensure that I have copied all the photos (both front and back) and to gain additional insights.

The photos from the adhesive backed, plastic coated albums are  now in archival acid free pockets
so it is easy to read both the front and back.  I have also transferred Gran's labels.

One of Gran's informative scripts on the back of a photo!

I have found many "gems" in the albums and have inspiration for many many months of research, investigation and blogging! 

THANK YOU Gran for everything!

THANK YOU also Aunty Jean for letting me borrow the albums!


  1. And thank you Sharon for another wonderful post. I also have some photos (although nothing like your collection) and they were in the same sticky albums so I have to look at redoing mine as well.

    1. Surprisingly it did not take me long to transfer them (in the same order that gran had them) but it will take me some time to scan them all!

  2. What a blessing your grandmother has been to you, to save the photos and to have written so much information on the backs. Lucky you! What company made the acid-free pockets you used? Are they 3-hole punched and fit in a regular binder or do they have their own binding? (It's hard to tell from the photo.)

    Thanks so much for sharing what you've done.

    1. Yes I am very lucky!

      I have been very happy with Allbox storage albums - (

      They are a 3 "ring" binder/album but plastic (there is no metal for better long term preservation. The album goes into a sleeve for better protection. They have a variety of pages available to meet all different photos sizes.