Friday, March 25, 2016

The Migration of 5 Generations of Ancestors

Over the past couple of days, Facebook has been flooded with family historians posting charts of where their ancestors were born.  This was initiated by J Paul Hawthorne

As you can see, the first four generations are all Australian born, with many of my Great Great Grandparents coming from overseas. If we were to go back a further generation, there are no Australians and we add Germans and also an American (who is 50% African based on DNA tests).

The first of my Ancestors to arrive in Australia, was Samuel Mottram, who was a guard on a convict boat, which arrived in Tasmania in 1838 initially, before he moved on to Western Australia with his family. He then moved to Victoria
The birthplaces of five generations of ancestors.


  1. I will have to look in Google maps Sharon, some of your Vic place names I haven't heard of before. (Kiata, Miram Piram, Havelock, Alma and Timor)

  2. Little farming and mining communities. Kiata & Miram Piram are near Nhill/Horsham. Havelock, Alma & Timor are all near Maryborough, Vic.