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Samuel Mottram married Sophia Lillian Walker

Walker Siblings married Mottram Siblings.

Samuel Mottram is the brother of my Great Grandmother, Mary Mottram.
Sophia "Lillian" Walker is the sister of my Great Grandfather, Ambrose Walker

Samuel Mottram
circa 1904

You can read more about Samuel in my B is for Buried alive post.

Sophia "Lillian" was born at Balaclava, near Maryborough, Victoria Australia on the 25th June 1886. 1 (Can anyone tell me exactly where Balacava was? I suspect it was a mining area rather than a town.)

Lillian was the 11th of the 15 children of Alexander and Ellen Walker.

She married Samuel Mottram junior at Alma (also near Maryborough, Victoria) on the 27th March 1907.2

Samuel was killed in a mining accident on 27th February 1918 3.  He was 35 years old.  Lillian was left to care for their three children, aged 10, 5 and 3.  At the time, two of the children were in hospital "suffering from infantile paralysis" 4 (polio).

Lillian married George Allan Sewell in 1937 5 and was widowed again on the 4th January 1963 6.

Lillian was 97 years old when she died at Clarendon House, Maryborough from a "Chest Infection and Vascular Disease" 6.  She is buried with her first husband at Timor cemetery.

Alexander and Ellen Walker and family
The original (which hung on my Aunty's wall) was unnamed.
I cannot be certain of who is who (except my great grandfather Ambrose) but based on other photos and their ages, I have been able to identify many of them and make educated guesses as to others.  I am very confident that Lillian is one of the two sisters on the left but cannot be certain which one.  Lillian is two years younger than Emma.  
1 Birth Certificate
2 Marriage Certificate
3 Death Certificate
4 "MINING FATALITY" The Ballarat Star (Vic. : 1865 - 1924) 28 February 1918: p 6. Web. 22 Apr 2016

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