Monday, April 25, 2016

Urith Edna Geyer

Edith Geyer with grandchildren
Urith and Lorna Geyer
Urith Edna Geyer was born on the 13th October 1920 and delivered by her Grandmother Edith Geyer, according to my grandmother.  However, I cannot find a record of her birth.

It would be interesting to know how many other children delivered by Nurse Edith Geyer are missing or incorrect.  The birth of my Grandmother, Eva Pilgrim, who was also delivered by her grandmother Nurse Geyer, was incorrectly registered.

My grandmother celebrated her birthday on the 18th August.  However her birth record states that she was born on 18th October 1910.    Her parents were married in 1907 (and I have the certificate) so  she was definitely not conceived out of wedlock!  I have another theory why the date was registered incorrectly!

There were three births, delivered by Edith Geyer in Nhill, registered on the 9th December 1910;
Reg No. 29552 - Rose Ellen Gladys Cunningham born 18 October 1910
Reg No. 29553 - Eva Jean Pilgrim born 18 October 1910
Reg No. 29554 - Clarice Jean Hiscock born 26 October 1910

Do you know where I am going yet?

Cousins - 1924
Urith Geyer, Edith Pilgrim, Freda Presser,
Hazel Pilgrim and Alf Geyer
It is my theory that the births were registered with the incorrect date to avoid a penalty for late registration.  Births need to be registered within 60 days or a significant penalty applied. Therefore it would make sense to change the date to avoid a fine.

Anyway, back to Urith. She married Stanley Victor Stevens on the 28th October 1940 in Horsham.
According to my grandmother, she and one of her sons were murdered in Mildura on the 28th April 1960.


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  1. My father's brother went to get his birth certificate to enlist in the navy. They could not find it at the Detroit City Hall. After some effort it was discovered that he had been celebrating his baptismal day instead of his actual birthday. My grandparents didn't see what the problem was.

  2. What an unusual name! I've never heard of it before. I like your theory about why the birth dates were registered incorrectly.

  3. Murdered!?!?! Well, don't stop now.
    I don't know if there was a penalty for late registration here in Virginia, but for many years registration was voluntary. My grandmother was never sure whether her birthday was Oct 9 or 19. She didn't have a birth certificate until she was an adult when her mother obtained delayed birth certificates for all the children.