Friday, April 12, 2013

Knowledge (Improving Genealogy Knowledge)

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For those wanting to commence their family history journey,  I would suggest that they visit the following sites:
The Church of Latter Day Saints in conjunction with FamilySearch, which provide excellent resources for those who are new to researching their family history.  The majority of the video lessons for beginners are very short in duration and they are free.

At present, FamilySearch have 91 lessons for beginners, 294 for intermediate and 50 for advanced researchers.  The lessons cover over 30 different countries.  There is something for everyone.

A search on the internet will reveal many genealogy webinars.  Do you have any favourites that you would like to share?

Although, I have been researching for many years, I am wanting to further my knowledge and potentially obtain a qualification in my favourite hobby.  I have therefore been looking for a course that would suit me.

Presently at the top of my list is the National Institute for Genealogical Studies, as it offers a wide range of courses and packages, which interest me.  Additionally a certificate is available upon completion of the relevant courses.

Many local history groups and genealogical societies also offer short courses.  The Society of Australian Genealogists offers a Certificate in Genealogical Research and a Diploma in Family Historical Studies, which also interests me.

In looking for a course that would suit me, I also came across the following sites, which provide family history research courses:

Do you have any other courses or institutions that you would recommend to improve family history research?

Are you interested in starting a course or learning more?

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  1. I'm thinking you could teach a course! Thanks for all this info. I actually began my search for family years ago on the Mormon site when they started posting US census data.

    1. Thank you Denise. That is such a lovely compliment.

      Maybe when I retire from my full time job and hold a qualification, I'll consider doing more with my hobby.

  2. My Dad has been researching his family name for years and he's uncovered a staggering amount of history. I love imagining who the people were, I just wish there were more photos or personal accounts. I guess genealogy will be very different in the future.

    1. I agree Angeline. That is one of the things that encouraged me to get involved in family history - recording personal stores and photos for the future!

      Thank you for visiting.

  3. These look like great resources. I would love to poke into my family history. My mother-in-law has a pretty good start on hers, which is fun. I enjoyed stopping by your blog!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

    1. Thank you for dropping by Jenny.

      Now I just need the time to complete the additional study!