Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Judith Ann Neczypor

This is the most difficult post that I have ever written!  There have been many tears today as I write this and remember my Aunty Judy, who was taken from us unexpectedly and too soon in 2012.  
Judy Neczypor
Judy Neczypor

Judith Ann Walker was born in Yallourn, Victoria, Australia on 25 January 1946.  She was the youngest child of Gordon and Rita Walker.

Sisters; Judy and Phyllis Walker
1946 - Moe
Judy Walker - Moe 1946
Many important photos were taken on these steps!

She married Ladyk Neczypor at 2pm on the 25th September 1965 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Moe.

Gordon Walker and Judy Walker
Moe - 1965
(The same steps)
Judy Walker

Judith Ann Neczypor died at Wynnum, Queensland on the 3rd August 2012 as a result of complications from surgery for a grade 5 brain aneurysm, which had occurred 18th May.

I feel guilt that I was unable to attend Aunty Judy's funeral.  I remembered and farewelled her on the day in my own way.  

Judy Walker and her walking doll
Wally Hibbs and Judy Walker
I would also visit Wally & Jessie Hibbs
when I was a child.

Although I did not see Aunty Judy very often (not often enough!), I have some vivid memories about her;
  • I feel very fortunate that by luck, I was visiting my cousin, and I saw Aunty Judy before they headed off on their trip to W.A, which was earlier in the same year that she died.  
  • To me, she always seemed to be the quietest and most thoughtful of the six Walker children at family gatherings.  As the youngest child, she probably couldn't get a word in from a young age,so perhaps this continued into adulthood? 
  • I remember when they lived at Newborough and I told her that the food that she was cooking smelled very nice.  I was amazed when she told me that she was cooking food for her little dog! We just fed our dog out of a can and scraps!
  • When I was living at Phillip Island and was on relieving staff,  I called to tell Aunty Judy that I would be working in their area for a week and wanted to see them.  Aunty Judy immediately invited me to stay with them.  I had a great time, playing cards every night with Aunty Judy and my Uncle.
  • When seated,  Aunty Judy would put her hands on her legs and when thinking, would rub them backwards and forward from thigh to knee and back again.
  • She loved children.  If there was a young baby around, it would end up in her arms.  She seemed to prefer to play with the kids on the floor, rather than talking to the adults.
  • I remember her showing me photos of her first grandchild and all the trophies and ribbons that her granddaughter had won.  Aunty Judy was so proud!  This pride continued as she bragged about all her grandchildren and then her great grandchildren.  They were the centre of her world.

Judy Neczypor
c 2006
Aunty Judy was often thoughtful
18 Dec 1992 -  Orbost

My cousin told me that her mother was a "good mother, a great grandmother but an amazing great grandmother..........she loved each and every child in her life....but as she got older she also appreciated them more too..........the great grandchildren have awesome memories of a lady who wanted to spend time with them".

Her Great Grandson, who had just turned four when she died, recently remembered his Great Grandmother fondly when he said "Do you know that Granny used to sprinkle sugar on my apples for me?"

When I asked permission to write this blog, my Uncle replied that Aunty Judy always said "My Dad would always say, people should take responsibility for their own actions!".  I loved hearing this. I did not know that Aunty Judy, and Granddad before her, would say this, but boy have I been saying it a lot recently, so it made me smile!

In reviewing the photos for this blog, I noticed in several photos that my Uncle openly and visibly showed love and pride for Aunty Judy over their many years together.  This is rare to see.  My cousin said it best "Love that lasted a lifetime". 

Love that lasted a lifetime.

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  1. That was a lovely post remembering your aunt .

  2. Judy will be smiling down as she reads this.

  3. Oh the Aunt Judy's of the world are the best. They make us better whenever we recall what made them so wonderful. I love the tiny details you recalled, like how she rubbed her legs when thinking. What a precious memory of how she sprinkled sugar on her grandson's apples. I wonder if anyone else knew that before.

  4. Loved reading this post! It was so authentically beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. A wonderful collection of memories... thank you for sharing, Sharon. I have included this in Interesting Blogs at

  6. Beautiful story about a beautiful woman