Friday, June 22, 2012

Taking a Ride

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What do we like to do at amusement parks?  Go on rides of course.....Well I do.  Therefore my twist on this weeks theme is "Taking a Ride".  When I started going through my photos, there we so many to choose between so I have included a selection of different types of "rides".

I have always loved this photo of my Great Grandparents, Mary & Ambrose Walker, with Buzz and Silver
My Great Grandparents, Mary & Ambrose Walker again.
My Grandfather, father and uncle (and family) on-board the Vagabond, the boat built by my grandfather and uncle.
About 1925
My Grandfather, Gordon Walker

Sorry that the quality of the next photo is not the best but I love the old seesaw.
My grandmother with her younger siblings

My Grand Aunties

My Grand Aunty, Lorna Pilgrim, on the trike

My Grandfather, Allan Scott with Brumby 

My Uncle is the one standing
My Great Grandfather with my Uncles and Aunty

My Uncle, Mother and Aunty - ready for Sunday School

My Great Grand Uncle on a load of hay

My Grandmothers first flight

My Grandmother on the camel


  1. I like your twist on this week's theme. Great group of pictures - my favorites are your grand aunt on the trike, the old see-saw and your grandmother on her first flight - how wonderful that someone thought to take a picture. The last picture is fun - I'm guessing this was her first ride on a camel. Seems she had an adventurous spirit. :)

    1. I always thought my grandmother was very old fashioned but going through her photos I have learnt a different side of her. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to talk to her about her photos but I didn't know they existed until after she died.

  2. The load of hay reminded me of when I had a holiday job on a farm. The treat was to drive the tractor (no horses then) when you had loaded the trailer with bales of straw.
    Great collection of pictures.

    1. My grandmother was a keen photographer and grew up on a farm so I have lots of great farming photos. Hoping that farming will be a Sepia Saturday theme in future :)

  3. You have some incredible pictures, so interesting! My grandmother rode a camel one - I'd give my left arm for a picture of that!

    1. Thanks Anna. I was a bit worried that I put too many photos in but I couldn't choose between them.

  4. I've never seen anyone ride on TOP of the hay -- that looks rather dangerous and difficult to stay in control of the team. Wonderful collection of rides -- love the trike and the plane the best.

    1. I couldn't or wouldn't do it as I have a fear of heights!

  5. What a fantastic bunch of photographs Sharon. The trike is amazing... bet that was a bit of a rough ride :-) The pram is so much like the one my mum had... she had it for her first child in 1942 and used is for the rest of us. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Cheers, Catherine.

  6. Thanks Catherine. What's happened to the pram now? I still have the pram that mum used when we were babies. I did it up and used it for my first child but it was too heavy and difficult to get in and out of the car so bought a newer version for my second child.

  7. I enjoyed all your pictures Sharon, and you may need to re-post the pram one in an upcoming SS, but Im saying no more just yet, just a hint ;)

    I've come back today because when I clicked on the link previously the post wasn't there. A little tip, if I may, is to wait until you have published the SS post then click on the title and cut and paste the URL which appears in your browser. That way we get taken to the correct page. Having said that your link led me to read your wonderful post about your grandfather and his enterprising spirit. Very enjoyable.

  8. Sound interesting. I look forward to it.

    Thanks for tip.

  9. What a great twist on this week's theme! I enlarged the pictures and scrolled through; these are wonderful. You have so many of them.

    Kathy M.

  10. Thanks Kathy. Yes, the photos are better when enlarged. I'll have to remember to tell people to enlarge photos in future posts.

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  12. These photos are amazing! They are all so awesome I don't know how to choose my favorites. I do especially like the photos of the seesaw and trike. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks Jana. I couldn't choose my favourites so that's why there are so many! It's a pity the seesaw photo isn't clearer as it is a great picture.

  14. If I liked Lorna on the trike, or the first flight, Granny on the camel steals the show. You indeed had a lot to go by.
    Thanx 4 sharing!!