Saturday, August 23, 2014

Genealogy World Photo Day 2014

I have been procrastinating since I saw the Family Curator Blog had issued a Genealogy World Photo Day 2014 challenge.   It was World Photo Day on the 19th of August and Denise has challenged us to combine the past and present in a photo.

Having previously completed a past and present blog, I was looking for inspiration for something different.

My Grandmother, Eva Scott (nee Pilgrim) was born on the 18th of August 1910 (arrived a day late?) and took most of the photographs featured in this blog on a Kodak Box Brownie.

Gran ceased schooling at age 14 to help her mother keep house and look after her younger siblings.
"I worked at home for my keep including outings, films and developing etc. plus 20 shillings a week pocket money".

The first of Gran's "snaps" was taken in November 1927 (when she was 17 years old).

Kodak Advertisement (altered)
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic 1848-1957)
Tuesday 20th December 1927 - p 17
Did you notice that I have replaced
 the camera's?

Bringing Past and Present together.
My Grandmother's 2A Brownie camera
 is pictured at the top while
 my Grandfather's camera is below.
The original Advertisment can be viewed
here at

The Advertisement to the left was prevalent in Newspapers in 1927, when Gran received her first camera.   Gran told me that she saved her pocket money to purchase her first camera, a Kodak 2A Box Brownie.

Gran's 2A Kodak Box Brownie

When I showed an interest in photography and family history, Gran gave me her Kodak 2A Box Brownie and my Grandfather's No 2 Box Brownie, which are pictured.

A pencil rubbing from the Back of Gran's Box Brownie

Gran also gave me the instruction booklet for her Kodak Box Brownie
It is interesting to see the prices in the 1920s (in US Dollars)
Second Row: Eric and Jean Byron, Eva Pilgrim (and her Box Brownie) and Stella Biggin
Stawell Races 9th April 1928

1st Prize for the "Most Original Snap" - Nhill Show 18th October 1928
Coming Home from Diapur taken by Eva Pilgrim 4/2/1928

Gran won prizes at the local show and had many photos published in the Weekly times and also their local paper.  The photo below has been shown on my blog before and would be one of my favourites. 

"Joker takes a Bath"
1932 - Ted Geyer and Lloyd Pilgrim at Almondale Winiam
Taken by Eva Pilgrim on her Kodak Box Brownie
Won First Prize for "Most Interesting Farm Scene" at Nhill Show October 1932

1934 Pilgrim Family Gathering
Eva Pilgrim is central, holding her Box Brownie

Gran in a familiar pose
9th April 1990

By coincidence, my first camera was a Kodak Instamatic and my first digital camera was a Kodak Easyshare.

I have always enjoyed taking photos....or maybe  it was recording places, people and events for the future?

I was snapped taking a photo of the view
from the California Adventure
Tower of Terror ride in 2013

This post was inspired by The Family Curator


  1. I can remember my Nana (DOB 1896) still using her Box Brownie in the early 1980's. I remember we were not allowed to touch it as we could not be trusted with the careful way you had to roll on the film to the next shot. And the way she cupped her hand around the lens to stop extra light getting in from the sides. Great memories. Fran

    1. Gee still using in the 1980s! If I could get the film, I would think Gran's camera would work (and I have the instructions) as she kept things immaculately.

  2. Being old I remember my Box Brownie! Loved the post, your grandmother was quite a girl.

    1. Yes she certainly was!

      To think that she needed to board with her Aunt to attend High School as it was too far to travel every day, which was about 15 kms away.........and then she travelled the world in her later years.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post Sharon. Photographs tell quite a story don't they! Your gran was an amazing woman.

    1. Thank you Sharn. They certainly do and Gran too many farm yard scenes, which I am very grateful for.

  4. I'd say you met that challenge and then some! Pictures of the camera plus prize-winning photos plus both you and your grandmother caught in the act -- excellent!

    1. Thank you Wendy. I procrastinated for a long time and had several different ideas, but wanted to be different to others. Hoping to be better prepared for next year.

  5. Great photos Sharon! It seems your grandmother had a huge influence on your life in photos and travel, and no doubt other ways. She seems to have been a very enthusiastic woman...perhaps apart from France ;) Loved revisiting those old Box Brownies.

    1. Yes she did Pauleen. Since she has passed, I have realised that we had a lot more in common.

  6. My mother had a brownie box camera and took many photographs of us at her parents house in the 1950s. Nice the way you put the camera in your grandmother's hands.

    1. Thank you Kristin. They seemed to take a good photo.

  7. Terrific post, I also got a love of photography from my grandmother and it has passed on to my son who is a photographer.

    1. I took a while to move to digital but have been very lazy (a snapper) since the introduction of digital!