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Elizabeth Sarah Mottram (nee Gourley)

Elizabeth Sarah Mottram
Elizabeth Gourley was born on the voyage from UK to Australia, but died soon after arrival.  She was nearly two months old.

Her sister, My Great Great Grandmother, born two years later in 1854 was also named Elizabeth. Elizabeth Sarah Gourley was born on the 30th July 1854 at Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, the youngest child of William & Margaret Gourley.  Elizabeth never knew her father, who died soon after on 23rd October 1854.


Elizabeth was orphaned before she turned four years old.  Her mother Margaret was only 34 years old when she died in a tent on the Goldfields of Heart & Liver Disease. It seems that Elizabeth's mother had gone to the gold fields to make money to support her children, who were likely living with other family members.

Elizabeth could sign her name, but did not know the correct names of her parents, when at 20 years of age, she married Samuel Mottram at Bet Bet, Victoria, on the 27th January 1875.

Elizabeth Sarah Mottram was 80 years old when she died from senility, myocardial degeneration and uraemia, at her daughter's home in Richmond, on 16th September 1934.

circa 1904 - Mottram Family
Back: Mary, Samuel, Sam, Jack, Fred
Front:  Eve, David, Henry, Elizabeth, Madeline

Elizabeth & Samuel Mottram
Dundas Road, Maryborough - before July 1928
Mary Walker, Elizabeth Mottram, Madeline Mottram
Children: Betty and Bob Walker
circa 1933
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  1. What happened to Elizabeth after her mother died?
    There is obviously lots more of her story to reveal!
    I love the way that the newspaper got the details of the accident out of the way and finished with the good news that the cream was unharmed.

    1. Exactly my question! I hope one day to find out more!

      Yes, I smiled about the unharmed cream too! Love the reporting of yesteryear.

  2. Poor ol' Elizabeth did not get a good start.

    I've been noticing a number of references to the gold fields recently. That must have been a hard life.

  3. So many tragic stories, and so many lives. I'm hoping there was joy to balance out the sorrow. As a mother who lost an infant son, I feel great sympathy for the mother of the two Elizabeths.

    Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
    Part-Time Minion for Holton's Heroes
    shanjeniah's Lovely Chaos

  4. Great that your family and others have collected the photos over time. It adds so much to your posts.
    A to Z challenge visit.
    Fran @travelgenee from the TravelGenee Blog