Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hazel May Elizabeth Walker

Betty Walker
Betty Walker
I know very little about Hazel May Elizabeth Walker, who was known as Betty.  I have not been able to locate any further details.

Betty is my first cousin, once removed (ie. my father's cousin)

Before her brother Bob died, he told me that she was born in August 1930 and she died in Western Australia in about 1963.

However body language told me that there was more to the story than her brother Robert "Bob" Walker was willing to tell.  When I asked more questions, he changed the subject and our family history discussion was over!

There are many more photos of Betty as a girl in my album.  If you have any other information about Betty, please contact me.

Bob and Betty Walker
"Cahermoyle" is a place in Ireland but I
do not know the significance.  The
family likely lived there as there are
several photos taken there when they were kids.
Mary Walker and her granddaughter
Betty Walker
Feb 1947

Betty is the daughter of Frank Walker, the granddaughter of Ambrose Walker and niece of Gordon Walker and Nellie Walker.

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  1. I am always the most curious about family members where there is so little information or people act weird when telling stories about them. I hope you can find more info on Betty.
    Have a great weekend!

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  2. I hope you find the answers you are looking for

  3. That is fascinating to find out about your ancestors. I hope you can get your uncle to talk a bit more about Betty so you can be fully informed as to just who this beautiful woman was!

    Stopping by from one of the A-Z Teams,
    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. My husband had a cousin who was a priest, but his family would always cease conversation about him if I walked into the room. I finally found out that he left the priesthood after fathering two children with a young woman who originally went to see him to convert to Catholicism. I guess she was the one doing the converting.

  5. Hmm, I guess Betty shamed the family. Such a pretty girl. I hope you find her and the answer to your question.
    Visiting from AtoZ
    Wendy at
    Jollett Etc.

  6. This is a lovely blog and what a great idea for A to Z. I hope you find out more about you family.

  7. She lived such a short life. I do hope you can find out more about her. I do like your theme for A/Z :)


  8. Knowing there appears to be more to the story always makes you want to know more. Hope you find what you are looking for.
    Fran @travelgenee from the TravelGenee Blog

  9. Hello. I would love to talk to you more in private about Betty ( Hazel) she is my mother. I know I am one of her daughters. :)