Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Violet May Jolley

Jolley Family -  c1916
Reg, Alf, George, Annie Emma, Violet, Roy, Lucie, Alfred, Fred, Emma and Leslie

Violet May Jolley is my 2nd cousin, twice removed.

Vi's grandmother and my Great Great Grandfather were siblings.

Violet May Jolley was born on the 2nd August 1912 in South Australia.  She married Henry Frank Hicks on the 15th March 1958.  She died 3rd February 1993.  Please note that these details are from word of mouth and not yet confirmed.

Relationship Chart
Violet is my 2nd cousin twice removed

Siblings Fred and Vi Jolley

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  1. I like how the chart helps us visualize what "second cousin twice removed" looks like. The name "Jolley" jumped out at me because my Jolletts were sometimes enumerated as Jolley and at least one family actually used that spelling after they left Virginia. I've always thought that the Jolley spelling indicated how people said their name and that maybe "Jollett" was French.

  2. What a beaut portrait - but they don't look too Jolly.