Saturday, April 30, 2016


I wonder where this house is?
"This is the back off our
house and that is Dad at
the harth [hearth?] room windo
and a nother yound man
and Allan Wright in the
door way and the sumer [summer]
house with the creeper
getting up to the top

My grandmother wrote this so it seems that the man in the centre of this photo is her father, Robert William Jones, who died in 1920, which makes this, the only known photo of Robert William Jones.

In 1909, Robert William Jones is recorded as living at Clunes Road, North Creswick,
on the 28th December 1911 the house was destroyed by fire.  In 1914, the family is  listed as living at Vincent Street, in nearby Daylesford.

My grandmother would have been seven years old when the fire destroyed the house so perhaps this is Daylesford house?

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  1. You are a bit ahead of me Sharon. Yard is one of the words I chose for "Y" as well.

  2. Finding that ONE known photo of an ancestor is such an emotional moment. I like the looks of the house with the vines growing up over it. I can almost imagine daily life there.

  3. I read it as "barth" rather than "harth". They may have had a room dedicated to bathing or washing but it would have been unusual for the time. It seems to be a little room added off the side with a door off the verandah perhaps? Perhaps the "wash house" now attached to the house?

    1. You are both very right when I look closer! Thank you :)

  4. These rare photos are so precious.Isn't it wonderful that your grandmother can speak to you via the postcard.

  5. As Jill said - so precious. Nice to have a photo with the house and persons in the photo too.

  6. I'm with Rosemary and Jill - bathroom window.

  7. For many, many years I've had a little song dancing around in my head. A song I learned in probably grade 1 at school in Concord, NSW. I started school in 1950 so it mus that've been around 1951. As I garden I sing that little song and tonight decided to put the words in Google and up they popped in your blog. The song? All the Little Pansy Faces. it was just as I remember learning it and as I have sung or hummed it for all these sixty six plus years. Thank you. A happy memory for a 73years youngster now living in Brisbane, Qld. 🙏