Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Ancestral Places Geneameme

National flags of the different countries of the world in a heap. Top view

Alona from Lone Tester blog has set us this geneameme for National Family History Month. The rules are as follows:
What places do your ancestors come from?
Using the alphabet how many letters can you name ancestral places for? Some you will no doubt know well, some you may not … at least not yet (see my letter ‘I’ and ‘N’ examples below). I still have more research to do on those lines.
It doesn’t have to be where your ancestors were born, but it does have to be a place that they were associated with. For instance they lived or worked (or died?) in that place.
Most of the places that I have listed,  relate to direct line Ancestors.  Hopefully,  someone searching Google will find this post and contact me!

A = Aspatria, Cumbria, England (John Walker)
B = Bet Bet, Victoria, Australia (Samuel Mottram)
C = Creswick, Victoria, Australia (Elias Jones)
D = Devon, England (Richard & Charity Barrett)
E = Edinburgh City, Scotland (Catherine Glass)
F = Fife, Scotland (John Glass)
G = Galway, Ireland (Richard Foy)
H = Havelock, Victoria, Australia (Ambrose Frank Walker)
I = Ireland (Mary Conroy)
J = Jeparit, Victoria, Australia (William Adam Bisset Scott)
K = Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, Australia (Eva Jean Scott)
L = Leith South, Scotland (Donald Scott)
M =Munich, Germany (Alois Fritz)
N = Nhill, Victoria, Australian (Pilgrim & Bound Families)
O = Oxley, Queensland, Australia (Agnes Drayton)
P = Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US (Samuel Drayton)
Q = Quethiok, Cornwall, England (John Congdon)
R = Rathscar, Victoria, Australia (Thomas Rowe)
S = Scaldwell, Northampton-shire, England (Binyoun Warner)
T = Tavistock, Devonshire, England (Charity Richards)
U = United Kingdom (Many)
V = Victoria, Australia (Many of the Modern Family)
W = Wales, UK (Elias Jones)
Y = Yorkshire, England (Abel Cartwright)
Z = Zeehan, Tasmania, Australia (living cousin)


  1. That's cool. I would have lots of blanks in my family tree. My mother's parents were both born in the same town. Brothers and sisters from two different families all married each other.

  2. What interesting place names your ancestors were associated with!

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